Beats by Dre

August 27, 2014

Beats by Dr. Dre’s donation of 325 Mixr headphones were allocated to 13 ASAS chapters, serving nearly 90,000 students in 367 schools in 40 cities.

Students participated in a diverse range of arts and music programs, from jazz bands to cheer and Zumba dance classes. Headphones were distributed to students in these programs, as well as to reward student excellence in other ASAS programs and recognize good behavior, consistent attendance, and community service hours completed, and at signature ASAS events and camps.

ATLANTA: Students received Beats to award good behavior during the 2013-2014 school year at the annual “Summer Bash” carnival attended by over 1,000 students. The FOX Sports South Girls were on hand to cheer on the students and a FOX Sports camera crew captured the day’s festivities.

CHICAGO: During ASAS Chicago’s signature high school readiness day-long workshop “Passport to Success,” Beats were uses as incentives for student participation in the workshop. Former Chicago Bulls player Sidney Green was in attendance and gave a keynote address to the 150 students.

HAWAII: Headphones were distributed to students participating in ASAS’s music program.

LAS VEGAS: As part of the annual ASAS Las Vegas House of Blues winter music recital, the top student from each participating school was awarded a pair of Beats headphones. At the end-of-year student showcase, students were also awarded headphones for artistic excellence.

LOS ANGELES: Science and literacy fair student winners will be incentivized with Beats headphones. Students will also receive Beats based on the number of community service hours completed.

NORTH TEXAS: Students participating in the jazz band class received Beats headphones as did students who demonstrated excellent attendance overall.

NEW YORK: Beats were awarded to the winners of the Career Exploration Opportunities Boot Camp Business Plan competition held in July 2014. Students created original business plans and presented to a panel of local business professionals.

OHIO: Students in the music production class were thrilled to receive the Beats headphones.

ORLANDO: Students demonstrating academic, attendance and participation excellence in ASAS programs received Beats.

SAN ANTONIO: Supporters at the annual Spring Luncheon received Beats in appreciation for their commitment to ASAS, while students with perfect attendance were entered into a raffle to win a pair of Beats.

SAN DIEGO: During the annual Dodge Ball fundraiser, put on in partnership with FOX Sports San Diego, Beats were awarded to participants. San Diego Chargers linebacker Dwight Freeny was in attendance.

SOUTH FLORIDA: Students were awarded Beats headphones for excellent attendance.

WASHINGTON D.C.: During “CampUs,” ASAS’s intensive middle-to-high school transition summer camp, the winning team of the “Battle of the Apps” STEM Challenge competition was awarded headphones.

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