Impact Beyond the Classroom

November 29, 2016

Promoting social responsibility with our students, and encouraging families to stay active in their children’s lives are top priorities for our Site Managers at After-School All-Stars Ohio.


Throughout the school year, ASAS runs student-led service learning projects to help kids develop a strong sense of civic responsibility and awareness. Typical projects involve neighborhood clean-up, planting trees, and supporting other charities. Recently, students at Walbridge Elementary (Toledo) decided to help Sole Hope, a non-profit organization that makes shoes out of donated jeans for people in need. “Our students are so excited to help Sole Hope! They have started a penny “war” between classes to raise money, and they will help make some shoes!” said Rachel Geske, ASAS Site Manager.


Engaging the families of our All-Star students is another goal of our Site Managers. Each quarter, ASAS hosts a Family Night at each school. Parents, caregivers and students come together to enjoy fun activities, share a warm meal, and meet representatives from local support services. These have always been well attended because of the value they bring to the family unit. Last week, Officer Jackson of the Columbus Police Department was invited to Family Night at Champion Middle School to address parents’ safety concerns. “This was an amazing opportunity for us to sit down as adults and have conversations over the problems that directly effect not only our students but our community as well,” shared a 7th grade mom.


ASAS Ohio is proud of the work our Site Managers put into their programs each week! By engaging parents, community leaders and their students, they are helping to strengthen communities across Ohio!