All-Star Games

All-Star Games

Annual Spring Event

The All-Star Games is a one day event that brings together ASAS students from all of our Ohio locations to compete in a sports tournament. In preparation for the All-Star Games, we utilized the LiFEsports curriculum from The Ohio State University. LiFEsportsĀ promotes social and sports skill development, specifically in regards to the social competencies of self-control, effort, teamwork and social responsibility

Volunteers Needed

Group LeadersĀ * Referees * Sport Managers * Meal SupportĀ * Set Up Crew * Tear Down Crew * K-2 Zone * Community Service Hours

We are looking for volunteers that:

Can commit to part or all of the day (between 11 am – 6:00 pm)
Like to work with kids
Can be a positive role model to students
Want to give back to the community

Ready to Help?, contact Jordan Angel at 614-316-1988;



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