To be considered for a position, please submit a cover letter and resume via e-mail to: In the subject line of the email, please include the job title followed by your last name. For a more detailed description of the positions listed below, simply click on the job title. To apply, click here.


Program Manager

Location: Columbus

Job Type: Full Time (Available Now)

The Program Manager reports to the ASAS Ohio Executive Director, and manages the ASAS Columbus school sites.


Site Coordinator

Locations: Columbus or Toledo

Job Type: Full Time

Job Type: Part Time (Available Now in Toledo)

The Site Coordinator is responsible for effective program planning throughout the year that includes session planning, development of class selections for students, site visits, culminating events, collaboration with core day initiatives, and field trips.


Program Leader

Locations: Columbus or Toledo

Job Type: Part Time (Available Now)

The Program Leader is responsible for the daily implementation of the After-School All-Stars program model at the school level. Whether it is for a semester or the entire school year, we are always seeking part-time staff.