ASAS Ohio Corporate Spotlight: OCP Contractors

After-School All-Stars Ohio (ASAS Ohio) is grateful to be the recipient of the generosity from businesses, corporations, religious groups, and other entities. They support our mission through volunteering, in-kind donations, and financial donations. As a result of their philanthropic spirit, ASAS Ohio can provide children in need with academic support, mentorship, and transformative experiences. This month, we are highlighting OCP Contractors.


OCP Contractors

OCP Contractors began in the Toledo, Ohio market in 1968 under the name Ohio Ceilings and Partitions. OCP is a commercial contractor who offers complete construction services including metal stud framing, insulation, walls and ceilings, paint and wall coverings and has expanded to Cleveland and Columbus areas in 2004 and 2009 respectively. From start to finish, OCP Contractors encompasses remodels, additions, and new construction and currently has over 400 employees statewide.


OCP Contractors Corporate Climate

Employees are supported by a management staff of trained experts within the construction industry. OCP consistently supports the people who have helped make 50 years possible, through supplying staff with the highest quality of programs, training, and equipment. OCP also believes in a work/life balance across all areas of the company.


Why OCP Contractors Supports the Mission of ASAS Ohio

OCP supports ASAS because we not only believe in giving back to the community, but we want to make an impact to kids in the Columbus area and other Ohio cities where at-risk youth can have opportunities not typically provided to them. We also believe in being an example of how working hard can allow great things in your life.


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