Coronavirus/COVID-19 & Support Services



As we discover new resources to support the needs of our community, we will post them here. Here is what we have so far:



The Ohio Department of Health has set up a website devoted to questions and answers about Coronavirus/COVID-19. Click here. If you have questions regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19 please call 1-833-4-ASK-ODH (1-833-427-5634)


COVID-19 Vaccine Town Hall Meetings The Ohio Department of Health will hold town hall meetings on the following dates in February and March 2021 to help answer questions and concerns you may have about the vaccine.


Education at Home Resources

Internet Needs

Internet providers like AT&T, Spectrum, and Comcast are offering specials to help households with K-12 students at home during the quarantine. Check with your local provider to learn more about the coverage in your area. Make sure you check what the fees will be after the introductory offer ends. created an exhaustive guide for affordable internet access. They help parents navigate available assistance programs and eligibility requirements while finding low-cost provider options so students can stay connected during this time. Click here to learn more. Scroll to the bottom of their link for specific internet support.


Online Education and Activities for Home

There are many resources online to help you and your students get help with homework for FREE: 

  • Join our ASAS Ohio Virtual Academy through Facebook. Click here.
  • This article from The Journal lists several options depending on what your needs are. Click here.
  • Scholastic has put together grade level activities to keep children on track with learning, reading, and discovering. Click here.
  • Kahn Academy has online classes for students age 4-18. Click here.
  • Fluency and Fitness is offering 3 weeks of online help in math and reading. Click here.
  • GoNoodle is a FREE online app that offers fun, engaging activities to keep children moving at home. Click here.
  • Virtual Museum tours! Click here.
  • PBS Kids offers a daily newsletter with tips and ideas for kids at home. Click here.
  • National Geographic For Kids. Click here.
  • Highlight Kids. Click here.
  • Switcharoo Zoo offers ways to watch, listen and play games to learn about animals. Click here.
  • Fun Brain offers games to practice math and reading skills. Click here
  • Into the Book takes you “into the book” to play games that practice reading strategies. Click here.
  •  Storyline Online has some of your favorite stories read you by a famous actor/actress. Click here


Support Services from Columbus and Toledo Schools

Columbus City Schools created a website link with information about free food service locations and other support services. Click here.

















Toledo Public Schools created a website link with information about free food service locations and other support services. Click here.